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Our Mission

High Expectations

Passion for Learning



While maintaining high expectations for the faculty, staff, and students Quitman Public Schools will provide a safe learning environment for the growth and development of students to achieve their greatest potential. Quitman Public schools will accomplish this by promoting a passion for learning, building respect for individual diversity, and fostering meaningful relationships within our Quitman Bulldog Family.

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Success Story

Quitman School District achieved 100 percent growth on K−2 assessments in math and English/language arts in two years, and the 12th-greatest overall growth on the ACT Aspire among all high schools in Arkansas.



Our district believes in these fundamental practices:

Learning is the fundamental purpose of our school which ensures ALL students learn at high levels

Collaboration Our teachers take collective responsibility daily to learn and grow as professionals, to provide research based strategies and interventions to EVERY child, and to use data from their daily practices

Results To assess their effectiveness in helping all students learn, our teachers focus on results, and evidence of student learning

Our District In Numbers


4 Years

Transformation into a Model SchoolDistrict


State Championship Appearances in 5 years with 7 State Championships


Student Growth in 5 Years



Student to teacher ratio with National Board Certified Teachers


Outstanding teaching and support staff along with concerned and well qualified administrators who are personally involved with students make an excellent opportunity to obtain an education. Coupled with varied activities available and wild community support, it is an excellent learning environment!

Alana Shaw

We switched to Quitman school the beginning of this school year and absolutely love it. I was a little nervous about the change, but my daughter has grown so much. She has improved in areas that we were told she wouldn’t improve in due to a learning disability.



At Quitman we’re always looking for the best Educators and Staff to join our Bulldog Family.

If you have a Passion for Education, and Skills that set you apart from the norm, submit your CV or check out our

Open Positions.

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