• Quitman Schools

Arkansas First Model PLC District

The story of Quitman Public Schools (QPS) does not begin or end with us. For more than 150 years, QPS has been the heart of the Quitman community, and the staff has demonstrated high levels of commitment to the school’s mission.

Members of our schools and community—current and past—truly care about each other and the overall well-being of the schools and their students. This is evident from the testimonies of students, parents, current and past educators, and the rollercoaster of historical state test data. These groups of people have been working hard for years, yet their efforts often have not been directed toward the right work.

Thanks to the PLC at Work® process, our new laser focus on the right work has drastically changed the impact our teachers are having on our school, students, parents, and community. QPS has gone from working independently to interdependently in almost three years. This is a small piece of our story.

In the beginning:

  1. The district was without a true mission.

  2. Not all staff believed all students could learn at high levels.

  3. The majority of teachers were working independently.